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The United Arab Emirates is not only a popular tourist destination, but also an extremely convenient country for doing business, work and life. Dubai is one of the world economic centers where cash flows from all over the world intersect. Excellent conditions for doing business (including for foreign citizens), wide investment opportunities, a wide selection of vacancies for employment with some of the highest salaries in the world in almost any field. And all this is seasoned with unique climatic conditions – in the UAE it is always sunny and warm!

That’s just miracles do not happen. You can’t just come to the Emirates and stay here forever! It doesn’t matter whether you want to work for hire, conduct investment activities or build a business here, but the important thing is that without knowledge of local laws, the specifics of the work of state bodies and the specific mentality of the local population, you most likely will not succeed. And in this matter you will be helped by a consulting company in the UAE – Matul Technical Services.

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