Business support in the UAE

Our company offers business support services. This means that by concluding a contract for one-time assistance in resolving a particular situation or for comprehensive services throughout the year, you will get an agent who will solve all issues related to interaction with government institutions and provide all the necessary information at short notice.

Whatever type of activity your enterprise is engaged in, even if it temporarily suspends its operations, from time to time you have to deal with a variety of issues for which you need to contact the Immigration Service, the Police, the Court, the Labor Department etc.

Such government facilities include:

  • Economic Department of the UAE;
  • Court of the City of Dubai;
  • Department of Immigration;
  • Department of Labor;
  • Municipality;
  • Department of Certification;
  • Ministry of Health;
  • Government institutions of Free Economic Zones of the UAE;
  • Police and the Prosecutor’s Office of the UAE, as well as all other law enforcement agencies of the country.

Other related services:

– assistance in processing or extention of Resident visas for employees of the company, their wives, children and parents;

– medical insurance of employees and their families, as well as property insurance and any other types of insurance;

– search of real estate for rent or purchase, negotiations and execution of necessary documentation;

– recommendations for selection of medical and educational institutions for the staff of your company, as well as for members of their families;

– assistance in conducting business negotiations with third parties and customer support;

– maintenance and payment of all current utility bills connected with the business activities;

– providing any information services and consultations the customer may need.

Each of these services can be provided, either separately as a one-time contract, or as a set of services on an annual basis.

You can do business with comfort, we will take care of all the rest. Call us!

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