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United Arab Emirates – a convenient country for business development. Minimal checks, a very loyal and transparent tax system that has a whole range of benefits and preferences. The presence of various legal forms of business that can be used both for domestic trade and for the import/export of goods.

The UAE is a wide market for any goods and services, because this country is an important tourist destination and a fairly large global business center.
The country’s legal and financial systems are reliable and stable, and a favorable political environment makes the United Arab Emirates attractive for both global business and investors.How to start a business in the United Arab Emirates

So how to start a business in the Emirates?

Register a company

We will help in choosing the most convenient form of business for you, depending on the range of services provided.

Get a license

Almost any business activity in the UAE requires a license, we will help to get it

Open a bank account

To do this, you need to collect a package of documents and contact the bank, we are ready to do it for you

What type of business should start in the United Arab Emirates?

  • Offshore company. Such a firm can run any business, be a founder of other companies, acquire real estate and open a bank account in the UAE. Foreign ownership is allowed at 100%. Registration takes a few days.
  • Onshore company. Onshore is the best option if you plan to conduct business both abroad and domestically. As advantages: 100% foreign ownership, obtaining a residence permit and the possibility of opening a real office in the UAE.
  • Local company (Limited Liability Company). Registration of such a company is appropriate if your business is focused on working with retail customers in the UAE: trade, restaurant business, services and much more. An LLC can run almost any business, participate in government orders and have full access to the domestic market.

How to start a business in the United Arab Emirates

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