Due diligence and background checks in the United Arab Emirates

A reliable partnership is the key to mutual success and implementation of even the most ambitious projects.

The main thing is to find a partner you can trust. In order to make it happen, it is necessary to conduct a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the company’s activities and to learn its advantages and reputation on the market. The choice should be based on reliable data and verified information.

Matul Business Services offers a service to check the business background of your potential business partners, investors or customers before making a deal.

Our experts will help you check the following:

– legal status of the company;

– invoice details of the company;

– financial solvency of a potential partner;

– decency of the partner in financial transactions with previous partners;

– presence of unpaid loans, debts, fines;

– problems with government, judicial and law enforcement bodies.

We are able to discover even those secrets that your partners would like to hide!

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