Cookie Policy

When you visit the website and Matul Business Services, or use our services, you automatically receive one or more cookie files. The main purpose of using cookies is to ensure the optimal quality of the services provided. In addition, we use third-party cookies to collect statistical information and analyze user behavior. This document describes in more detail the types of cookies we use, their purpose, and also how you can block and delete such files.

This document applies to all websites, applications and services of Matul Business Services. Including and Matul Business Services applications for iOS and Android.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file, usually consisting of letters and numbers, that is downloaded to the device when the user visits certain websites. With each subsequent visit, cookies are sent back to the original website. Cookies are useful because they allow the site to recognize a web browser or user device.

How we use cookie files

The cookies used on our websites and in our applications may be set by us or by third parties upon our agreement.

Our website uses both persistent and session cookies. Session cookies store information when navigating from page to page for filtering and performing searches. Then, at the end of the session, they are deleted. Persistent cookies allow our websites to “recognize” you when you visit the website again. They are stored on the computer until they are deleted or before the expiration date specified. The persistent cookies stored on your computer as a result of your use of our websites will in no case be stored for more than 2 years from the date of the last visit.

The following information describes the different types of cookies we use, the reasons why we (or the appropriate third parties) use them, and also tells you how you can control the cookies.

  • Basic cookies are of fundamental importance for the correct operation of the website. They help to store the values selected on one page for their use on other pages. For example, it could be orders, dates and customer names. We can save such data and transfer it to our partners, who execute the necessary documents, so you do not have to re-enter them.
  • Functional cookie files are used to ensure the correct operation of the website and provide the desired search results in accordance with the selected parameters. We also use cookies to improve the usability of the site. To do this, we determine whether it is your first visit of the website, and remember your preferences (such as language and currency type) and previous searches.
  • Custom cookies let us know if you are a registered user. Our servers use these files to understand which account you are logged into and whether you have access to a particular section or function of the website. These cookies also allow you to leave comments or messages on the website or in mobile applications.
  • Analytic cookies are used to track and better understand how our websites and services are used and accessed, which in turn allows us to optimize the user experience and create a website that meets our needs and expectations of our customers. We use the Google Analytics service, which stores cookies on your device, to generate anonymous reports and statistics. Google stores this information in accordance with its own Privacy Policy.
  • Advertising cookies are used to display ads that are interesting and useful to you. These advertisements are generated by Google using cookies that track your behavior on websites using anonymous statistical information, rather than personal information. These files also limit the number of impressions of the same ad to one user and help us evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

Locking and deleting cookies

Using our website or mobile applications, you agree that we record such cookie files on your device and subsequently access them when you visit the website.

All modern browsers allow you to change cookie settings. Usually these settings can be found in the “Options” or “Preferences” of your browser.

Please note that blocking all cookies will negatively affect the functionality of many websites and applications, including ours. That is why, we recommend that you allow cookies to be used when working with our websites.