Preparation and legalization of documents in the United Arab Emirates

Whatever you or your relatives plan to do in the UAE, starting a business, getting education or finding a job, of course, you will need certain documents. But in order for your documents to come into legal force in the territory of the UAE, they need to be legalized.

Preparation and collection of documents in the United Arab Emirates

There are certain documents which are prepared and collected already in the territory of the UAE. These are any personal documents (diplomas, working papers, all kinds of certificates, etc.), as well as business documents (contracts, certificates, licenses, agreements).

Matul Business Services takes care of all the routine and bureaucracy associated with collection and preparation of documents. You set a task and give a list of documents to be collected, we work with all authorities, and provide a ready set of documents as a result.

Legalization of documents in the United Arab Emirates

This process is rather complicated. On October 5, 1961, at the Hague Convention the UAE did not sign the convention abolishing the requirement to legalize official documents. Legalization of documentation in the UAE is a long, expensive, complex multi-stage international legal procedure, which does not guarantee a positive result.

The following types of documents are subject to legalization in the UAE:

– certificates of birth, marriage, change of surname, divorce, as well as other documents issued by the bodies of the Civil Registration Office;

– statutory documents of legal entities – standing orders, registration certificate, resolutions of managers, extracts;

– various reports, licenses, certificates;

– contracts, trade and agency agreements;

– diplomas and other documents on education.

Documents required to initiate legalization:

– original of the document or a notarized copy depending on the type of document to be legalized;

– copy of a diploma or degree certificate.

But owing to our long experience in this field, as well as well-established partnership and friendly relations in the departments of the UAE and the CIS countries, legalization of documents will be quick, easy and painless for you.

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