Registration of investment visas to the United Arab Emirates

Investing by an individual of a certain amount of money in the economy of the state in order to obtain an investor visa is called investment immigration.

Privileges of investment immigration in the UAE:

  • geographical location allows you to effectively maintain relations with countries around the world;
  • stable and strong economic infrastructure attracts foreign investors to participate in the investment immigration program in Dubai;
  • the country is a tax haven for offshore investors;
  • strong and stable economic infrastructure;
  • ample opportunities for employment;
  • a high living standard, good health and education systems.

For businessmen and owners of large private funds, there are two ways to obtain an investor visa in the UAE:

  • visa of a business investor: owner or co-owner of a company that is established on the territory of the UAE or in one of numerous free economic zones. Ownership of the offshore company in the UAE does not give the right to obtain an investor visa;
  • property investor visa. A necessary condition for obtaining this visa is the possession of built property with the worth of at least 1 million UAE dirhams (270 thousand US dollars).

Resident visa, obtained with the purchase of property, gives the right for a long-term residence in the country and the ability to open accounts in the international banks, but does not give permission for employment.

Real estate investment in the UAE allows you to also get large income from leasing and take advantage of the rising cost of capital, which is very significant in the United Arab Emirates.

The advantages of setting up a business in Dubai:

  • no income tax for individuals and companies;
  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital;
  • 100% foreign capital of the company.

Conditions for participation in the program of investment immigration in the UAE:

  • an investor can not work in any other company, except the one he has invested in;
  • when investing in an existing company registered within the territory of UAE, the applicant gets more opportunities and privileges during his stay in Dubai, compared to the advantages of investing in property;

By investing in a company registered in the UAE, or in real estate, the applicant becomes an investor, partner or owner of the company, which allows him to get the investor visa or residence permit in the UAE.

The following documents are required for procurement of an investor visas:

  • Title Deed – Certificate of Ownership;
  • A copy of the passport;
  • Photo 3 x 4;
  • Police Report – a document from the police proving that you did not break the law in the territory of the UAE and are a law-abiding citizen (your fingerprints will be taken).

Your visa application will be considered after payment the state immigration duty in the amount of 410 AED *, state duty to the Land Department in the amount of 8430 AED * (the amount of state duties may vary). Also, the applicant must have a deposit in the bank in the amount of 10,000 AED *, which will be returned upon the closure of the visa. Obtaining an investor visa takes 1-2 months.

Residence permit in the UAE entitles its holder to stay in the UAE for a period of 3 years. Despite the fact that the minimum period of physical residence in the UAE is not specified, if you spend more than 6 months outside the Emirates, the visa will be suspended.

As part of the investor immigration program in the UAE, the applicant is entitled to act as a sponsor for members of his family when applying for a residence permit. One can act as a sponsor for family members when applying for a residence permit only if the income of the main applicant is not less than 4000 dirhams per month.

You can sponsor your son if he is under 18 years of age. There are no restrictions to procuring a visa for a daughter, the most important requirement is that she should not be married.

In some cases, the wife can act as the sponsor of her husband, for more information you can contact our manager.

The following documents are required for family members to apply for a visa:

  • Title Deed – Certificate of Ownership;
  • A copy of the passport;
  • Photo 3 x 4;
  • Copies of the sponsor’s passport and visa (father or husband);
  • Legalized translated documents confirming the relationship (cost of legalization – 250 AED for each document);
  • Bank statement;
  • DEWA account.

The cost of issuing a visa for the members of the investor’s family is 130 AED* for each member of the family.

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All prices are indicated only with regard to the UAE state fees. Services of the Matul Business Services company are charged separately.

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