Refusal to grant a visa to the United Arab Emirates. Getting a visa to the UAE after a refusal

Refusals and delays in granting visas to the UAE sometimes happen, but keep your head up. Some reasons for refusals can be disputed, and we are ready to assist you in resolving such issues.

Why the state can refuse to grant a visa to the UAE

As a rule, the main reason for refusal is the Black List. This list includes all persons who at least once violated the law of the United Arab Emirates, as well as foreign citizens who are wanted by Interpol. It happens that the name and surname of the applicant for a visa completely coincide with the data of the person who is listed in the Black List. Most often, these are the common names – Nikolay Petrov, Maria Sidorova etc. In such cases there may be a delay in issuing a visa, but not the refusal. To solve this problem, you will need to provide a copy of your passport, and we will do all the necessary steps on our own.

Delays in granting a visa to the UAE

Sometimes there are delays in granting a visa. Anything can be the reason for refusal, even a failure of the computer program. The Migration Service is not obliged to report the reason of any delay . There is no way to guess in advance, whether there will be a delay or not. In such cases, people are hoping to get a transit visa, which is issued upon arrival, but no one can provide a 100% guarantee for obtaining this type of visa.

In the event that refusal or delay entails penalties from the hotel, loss of purchased air tickets and any other expenses, all the related expenses are borne by the customer. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the visa as early as possible.

Visas for women under the age of 25

A few years ago there was a restriction on issuing visas to girls and women under the age of 25. Those restrictions have been waived. Today, visas for all women are provided on general terms regardless of their age. However, the Migration Service frequently enough refuses to grant visas to young women who want to enter the country without their husband or parents. To protect themselves from unnecessary trouble, many companies involved in issuing visas require financial guarantees for the return of a particular woman to her homeland.

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