Resident visas to the United Arab Emirates

A resident visa is long-term and is granted to those who purchase property in the United Arab Emirates, as well as to their wives, children and parents. Currently, this visa entitles you to stay in the UAE for three years, and soon the law on permanent resident visa can be adopted.

Features of resident visa in the UAE and its differences from other types of visas

This type of visa provides for a foreign citizen the possibility to stay in the UAE for 2 or 3 years, depending on the form of company registration. A visa can be canceled if the person has not appeared in the country for more than 180 days.

Such a visa gives you the right to set up a business and open an account in an international bank. In addition, once you get a job and sign an employment contract, you have the right to purchase a Labor Card.

If a woman owns a house or apartment, she can not sponsor her husband. Only a man owning real estate in the UAE is able to invite his wife and children to the country.

Matul Business Services is focused on providing assistance for obtaining a resident visas for the whole family of a resident of the UAE and is ready to share this knowledge and experience with you.

The documents necessary for registration of a resident visa for a spouse or a child

1. A copy of the husband’s foreign passport and the resident visa.

2. A copy of the wife’s passport.

3. The original of the marriage certificate (preferably translated into English and notarized).

4. Certificate of ownership of accommodation – Title Deed, or a Rental Agreement in the name of the resident.

5. Paid electric power and water bill – DEWA bill for the previous month.

6. Bank Statement for the previous 6 months.

7. Income Certificate (for employees of a company)

8. Rental contract for real estate, registered in EJARI

9. Scanned photo 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm (color) in electronic form (or 8 photos)

To apply for a resident visa for a child, you will need a similar set of documents, as well as the original birth certificate translated into English and certified by a notary.

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